Our Leaders

Together, our Patronesses and Ticktockers are responsible for providing grade-level activities, Chapter meetings and events, and a wide-variety of philanthropic endeavors. They are the true backbone of this organization.

We cannot thank them enough for all they do!


Colorado Foothills Board of Directors:

Renee Campbell, President

Marianne Hislop & Brooks Barwell,  VPs Membership

Tracy Stalzer & Jen Schreiber, VPs Ticktockers

Kristi O’Keefe & Lyssa Towl, Co-VPs Philanthropy

Cyndi Linn & Jessica Fleck, Co-VPs Patroness Activities

Holly Jensen, Co-VPs Communication

Lynn Merrill & Rochelle Gatt, Co-VPs Provisionals

Susan McDonald, VP Ways and Means

Jill Donohoe & Beth Eberle, Secretary

Barb Streett, Treasurer

Tricia Cook, Parliamentarian




2016-2017 Board of Directors